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I've worked with Katy & Jon since August of 2012. I was hired through their vetting process and trained as a roofing sales rep by them personally. Through their continued mentorship, I have had a great success in the industry. I use their same model when training reps for other companies to help them grow.
I have referred their consulting to multiple contractors throughout the country who have also had great success with reps they have sent. I have also trusted them to place close friends of mine with the companies that are the best fit for them. So far, all of them are over the moon with delight in their new roles and amazing companies.
Thanks Jon & Katy!
Marianna A.

I attended a two day event put on by SMASH in December 2019. Jon and his crew over delivered. I arrived for the event feeling overwhelmed and a little confused about the direction for my company in 2020. I left the event with a clear plan of action that Jon's team continued to assist me in implementing.
Don't seek them out if you are comfortable with your status quo or are looking for someone to co-sign your excuses. On the other hand, if you truly want to move the needle in your business and personal life, I cannot recommend them more highly!

Michael T.

Jon and his team have been amazing to work with. I spent a couple of days training with them and was able to dial in my business plans and have a clear path. of how I was going to get to my goals. They have followed up since the training and I could not be more impressed with all they have to offer. The team is amazing and if one person can help you, you can bet someone on the SMASH team is on it. I highly recommend SMASH!
Ryan R.

Jon and his crew have been great to work with! They are transparent & responsive every step of the way, The detailed approach they take to understanding our needs and wants was much appreciated. Definitely recommend to anyone.

Timothy L.
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