Being an entrepreneur is tough. The ups and downs can feel like an emotional roller coaster and you have likely felt BOTH in just one day. We tell ourselves to keep “grinding it out” because it will all be worth it, but at some point, we all become tired of that same old process and we LONG to feel the fire and passion of why we started in the first place.

Others of us have made it through the tough phases and we are finally ready to put our companies on auto pilot. But, that last hurdle seems almost impossible to get over and we wish we just knew the answer of what would work to make it over. Day after day we attempt to “figure it out,” but it escapes us and leaves us feeling trapped. Maybe it’s a process. Maybe it’s that last hire (or person) we need in place.

The truth of all this is that we all long for the same things. We want to have a business that support the live we want to live. We want to feel fulfilled and we want to be successful.

Our mission is get you there!

There are 7 stages to business FREEDOM. More than 90% of all entrepreneurs only make it through 5 and then they become “stuck.” At SMASH, we expose all 7 stages and then work alongside of you to make sure you pass each one on your way to building the business that support your LIFE. The work is not easy… but it is ALWAYS worth it.

If you want to know more about the 7 stages and how our grow and scale process works, feel free to fill out the form below or send us a private message.