In this episode we will talk about what, in our opinion, based on consistent information received, the state of the contracting industry is as a whole. The state of contracting is pretty much where it’s been the past 10 years; consumers see contractors as people who knock on your door and people you need to be wary of until researched. There are people out there trying to improve the perceptions of contractors; today we’ll be looking at the good, the bad, and the ugly in contracting.

There is not a huge difference between the contracting industry and other industries. There are always people who do good things, and people who don’t do so well. In today’s society, the focus will be on the people who cause the biggest disturbance. The people who do it really well don’t seek recognition; they get it by doing a good job. The people on the other side of the spectrum get recognition because they’re NOT paying attention to the customer experience and losing the home owner’s best interest. If you’re one of the people who are stuck being impassive and keeping your business to yourself, you need to listen to this. If you’re not part of the solution to making things better, you are a part of the problem. As time goes on it will be much more difficult to get business when your nose is down and you’re impassive.

Think about the evolution of this industry. Insurance companies are in the business to make money and reduce lost; every time contractors try to find ways to make more money the regulations get tighter. There are organizations being put together right now that are prepared to fight insurance companies when they put their foot down; that is a short term gain, long term loss. The insurance companies have the power to close their doors and stop insuring property; where will the homeowners be then? The problem is that the homeowners and business owners are getting caught in the crossfire between contractors and insurance companies. What is the model you want to create, and how do you align yourself to the people that are most like that model? To find the difference between between the people that are causing a negative disruption and the people who are working to positively change the industry, you need to pay attention to who is consistently putting out value in the market. You are affected no matter what, so the question is: do you want to be a victim, or are you going to take control?

This is the time of year when events ramp up and people get together to plan for 2019. If you decide to partake, pay attention to the language and behaviors of the people. If the people you associate yourself with do something negative, you will feel the negative effects.