In this podcast we’re talking about how to keep your productivity flowing through the holidays, and we’re talking about not setting BS goals for the new year. Around this time of year people are in a giving mood; this is a great time to start building your referral pipeline. The holidays is the time to begin building your strategy: you don’t need to wait until the new year in order to plan for that year.

You need to get really clear about where you are.

If when you look back on the year things suck, you need to get clear about exactly what happened so you can take action to plan for the next year. In addition, look at what went right. There had to be at least one good month in the year. When planning for the new year, you can’t make a huge goal without knowing how you’re going to get there. You don’t need to plan for the new year alone; we’re going to be dropping a lot of content that will help you gain clarity about what you’re going to create in the new year. Don’t spend this time of year sulking and wondering what could have been, you need to take this time and plan for next year. You can’t just coast into the new year, now is the time to plan. If your market is cold, you can diversify; work on ALL of your skills.

Just take 60 days at the end of the year and focus instead of taking that time off. That way you won’t have to stress for the rest of the year. Ramp it up, it is GO TIME.