Recruiting is one of those things people hate doing. How many people do you really need to get rid of but you avoid doing because you’ll need to replace them? One huge mistake that is commonly made is that not just anybody can be a sales rep. Not every single person can be successful and there for the long haul. You can’t just put someone in a shirt and think they can sell for you. Change your mindset about that type of salespeople that you want. Your salespeople are not anything less than anyone else on your team- the sales team is vital. Instead of trying to convince someone that isn’t in sales to come sell, try to convince the sales professionals that you want to come sell for you.

Recruiting can be a streamlined process like everything else you do. If you’re not willing to invest in the people you bring into the team, do not hire salespeople. Those people need the money, but you don’t have anything to give them. Go make some money, and then make sure you have something to give when you bring on salespeople. Know what sets you apart from your competition. Hire slow and fire fast. Communicate your opportunity and your culture continuously throughout the hiring process; that way you’ll find the right people for you.