Interested is something you’re just starting to figure out, it’s the very first part of the process. Being committed means you are ready to go and do what is required to get what you want. The committed side is really where the power is. In social media, you can’t take likes and comments to the bank. Interested on social media is good if you are aiming to change people’s mindset to committed in the future. Change your language to committed language if you want other people to be committed. The weak side to being interested is saying that you are all in, but really only being interested.

In simple terms, being committed means being ALL IN. When you say you’re all in but you’re only half in, you will attract people who are the same. When you commit to an agreement, honor that. A lot of people are interested in the idea of something, but when it comes down to doing the work they back out. Don’t say you’re all in if you’re not all in; it is okay to say you’re interested. Being interested but not committed means you get stuck in a pattern of starting over. Find a reason WHY to get committed.