When is the right time to scale your business? When a storm hits, most people are not very prepared and rush forward. If your market had few storms so you go to another market hoping to find more business; do your research because you do not have brand recognition and brand confusion is something you are likely to encounter. In addition, if you move to another market you lose the momentum you had. When you go back, you’ll need to start over.

When you leave to a new shiny penny you need your core foundation already setup. You will be fronting lots of new expensive as you move, so you need financial stability. There are LOTS of things you need to have in place before you tackle new and intense storms.

If your relationship with your spouse and kids is not what you want it to be, it will NOT get better by going and chasing a storm. No amount of money is going to fix that.

The best of the best sales guys don’t hang out on job boards, they have a network they can utilize. Connect with someone that you know and trust. The guys that are prepared win more than they lose. This industry rewards those that prepare, and punishes those who do not.